9 Feb 2021 • shedkm

shedkm win at structural timber awards

shedkm and Ideal Modular Homes have won the Low Energy Product of the Year award at the Structural Timber Awards.

The sustainable and affordable housing typology was picked as an exemplar product for its efficiency in construction and delivery and its overall sustainability with homes built within just four days, and onsite installation in eight hours.

The typology is a collaborative approach for high-quality, affordable living through sustainable methods of construction, aimed at housing associations, councils, and developers. With a key focus on environmental sustainability, it is a leading energy-efficient affordable housing solution.

The Awards were held remotely during a virtual awards ceremony, with 17 categories across the construction process, from social housing and innovation to healthcare and education. As timber continues to stand at the core of successful sustainable projects across the country, the awards recognised the design, innovation and engineering that makes these projects possible.

Alex Flint, Director at shedkm, said: “It’s great to see our design recognised in this way at the Structural Timber Awards. The environmental impact of our work is always at the forefront of our initiatives. we create sustainable, dynamic places for people to live, work and play.”