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walsall hotel

a new hotel on walsall’s bustling canal side

The Wallsall Hotel is a new build hotel development designed by shedkm, facing Walsall’s art gallery and adjacent to an existing canal side. The six-storey building was the first instalment of a proposed wider waterfront masterplan for the area.

A standard hotel layout has been inserted into bold new form. With the primary feature accommodation core placed outside the main plan, the layout of bedrooms forms two accommodation wings, rationalising the standard hotel plan into a strong form, which sits over ground floor restaurant use – spilling out and activating the south facing canal side with seating.

Reflective ‘window boxes’ provide animation to the block’s facade, which add changing visual interest to the overall site as one approaches from different angles.






  • 4,350m2 + 100-bed hotel

Contract value:

£5.5 million