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shedkm – announcing our transition to an EOT

celebrating our 25th anniversary this year has been a great opportunity to look back at our roots and the way they have informed the evolution of our practice

We originated in the north of England with a bold and distinctive approach towards much needed regeneration; combining strategic commercial thinking with a strong sense of placemaking. We then expanded south, opening a London office and consolidating a portfolio of transformational schemes across the UK. Our belief, then and now, is that by creating desirable places – places where people actually want to live and work – we can create economic viability and unlock opportunity.

That approach has stood us, and our clients, in good stead – through recession and booms; in the north and the south. Levelling up may be more relevant than ever right now, but it has been a constant thread through our approach and projects. As part of our special year, we have relaunched our website to better tell that story. Do let us know what you think.

but our 25th has also been about looking forwards

Much of our success is down to our founding values and our strong, collaborative ‘One Practice’ culture. Over the years we have committed not just to design leadership, but to nurturing a highly supportive environment with opportunity, autonomy and inclusion at its heart. As we reach our 25th milestone we want to make sure we stay on course, and re-commit to our professional and personal principles of equity, inclusion and the idea of a greater goal; a common good.

it’s in that context that we are proud to announce shedkm’s transition to an EOT

We are delighted to be joining a growing movement of firms making the shift towards more inclusive and participatory business models. For shedkm becoming an Employee Ownership Trust is the inevitable culmination of our One Practice culture, and an opportunity to fully commit to what that means – a collaborative team, a collective ethos, common goals and shared rewards. We see this as a move which will provide continuity and long-term reassurance not just for staff but for clients, who will benefit from our ability to attract and retain talent, and ensure that our approach and culture is strong in breadth and depth.

Our clients, partners and collaborators have all played a significant role in the growth and development of shedkm, and the successes we have been able to achieve together. As part of our 25th celebrations, we were delighted to host tours over the past few weeks, visiting new projects in the north and south which demonstrate the ongoing relevance of our approach in cities across the UK.

These are challenging times, demanding deeper industry partnerships to deliver financially viable yet transformational schemes. With our reinvigorated structure and purpose, and the ongoing commitment and continuity of our team, shedkm looks forward to working with you to meet those challenges with fresh, creative thinking.