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preston point

contemporary shared ownership apartments for liverpool

Maritime Housing Association commissioned shedkm to refurbish two warehouses into 12 one-bedroom residential apartments for shared ownership, predominantly aimed at single young people searching for affordable contemporary accommodation in Liverpool city centre.

The treatment of the main elevation respects the future development of the adjacent site. The introduction of an angled pair of slatted timber screens, acting like venetian blinds, allows light to enter the apartments – enabling views out, but controlling views in. The wedge-shaped balconies with integral planters add a semi-external space and valuable floor area to the tightly planned units.

As well as the 12 apartments within the main body of the existing warehouse, shedkm designed two privately funded penthouses with private terraces and views across the city.


Maritime Housing Association




  • 14 apartments

Contract value:




“this conversion of two warehouses into 12 flats for shared ownership and a privately funded penthouse, exploits their potential with a skill and panache which many private developers might well envy.”

Judging Panel, Housing Design Awards 2002