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looking forward to the year ahead

As this year draws to a close, shedkm is looking ahead to a year of exciting projects

Throughout 2024 we will continue to work across the UK on a range of projects which will have regional impact and help deliver sustainable economic regeneration. Alongside our existing work in the North West, London and the South, we are contributing to a wide range of housing-led masterplans and mixed-use schemes which will transform towns and boost communities up and down the country.

From public/private partnership in Swansea, where we are designing and delivering new commercial space, to Edinburgh where we are working to provide much-needed housing alongside upgraded space for start-ups and creatives, to our work in the mill towns of Lancashire where we are repurposing buildings which have outgrown their original industrial function, we are helping create new uses and new opportunity. 

Wherever we work, shedkm has always favoured a personal, on-the-ground approach, so we are delighted to announce that we now have a physical presence in Manchester, in addition to our existing studios in Liverpool and London.

We can’t wait to get started on 2024 – but for now, shedkm wish you all a very peaceful holiday and a prosperous new year