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shedkm – 25 years 25 highlights 06-10

25 days of Christmas, 25 years of shedkm and 25 highlights and milestones of our bold, engaging schemes shared throughout December!

06 – 2003, Southport Pier
A new landmark pavilion at the seaward end of a refurbished Victorian pier with a solarium, café and exhibition space.

07 – 2005, MoHo, Manchester
102 pre-fabricated apartments of varying sizes and types within a masterplan scheme which has regenerated the Britannia Basin area south.

08 – 2006, Corbin House, Derbyshire
This private house was designed as a modern take on the English country house and responds to its rich context through orientation and sensitive use of materials.set seamlessly within the landscape.

09 – 2008, Fort Dunlop, Birmingham
The regeneration of an iconic yet derelict storage warehouse into quality office space, a 100-bedroom hotel and retail facilities set within a landscaped masterplan.

10 – 2008, Chimney Pot Park, Salford
Previously a group of rundown and derelict streets in Salford, this is one of shedkm’s most radical and inventive social housing schemes, emblematic of our approach to design and regeneration.

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