we are a highly innovative practice, exploring new technologies and rethinking architecture and product from basic principles to detailed design.


we are pioneers of innovative design strategies and construction techniques such as prefabrication. we strive to collaborate with our clients and fellow consultants to create unique and forward-thinking solutions to briefs and challenges.


? Urban Splash / Joel Fildes

the evolving environmental impact of our work is a primary consideration of all our new initiatives. use of materials, energy load, life cycle consumption and a positive change to user attitude drives our conceptual and delivery strategies.


? House by Urban Splash / Joel Fildes

research and development is a key area of our business growth. material advancement and evolving regulations impact our approach to design, ensuring that we contribute positively to the longevity of the built environment and the wellbeing of the user.


12 tithebarn street
liverpool L2 2DT


+44 (0) 151 709 8211


london house
115 golden lane
london EC1Y 0TJ


+44 (0) 207 253 8881

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